Born 1974 in Perugia, Italy, David Liam started listening to music from birth on, thanks to his parents pumping their stereo system all day!! When David was only one year old he had already his first vinyl bag and turntables.

In the 80’s, when he was about 6 years old, David’s family started traveling with him to London to buy the newest records .

1984, when David was 10 years old, his parents decided to make him a gift for his birthday: A stereo system consisting of a turntable, 7-band equalizer, tape deck, FM radio and amplifier (instead of toys!)  David started playing and listening to all kinds of music all day, every day.

At the age of 14 he started to listen to Jazz music, which is not common for a child, and he also loved the first Hip Hop, Disco and Dance music releases from the USA.

When David was about 14 and a half he got booked for his first gig; playing at a New Year’s Eve Party in a legendary dance club in Perugia, Italy, called Casanova.

David Liam was using his mixer and his turntables every day and in the mid 80’s he became fascinated by the invention of the sampler and started soon sampling music himself using his own equipment, the Akai S6000 and Moog-Prodigy.

David started to save money so that he was able to always buy the newest records and as many as possible!! His favorite genres was Hip Hop, Disco and Dance Music, and a little later he was struck by a new genre that was being born, called “Underground Electronic”, better known today as House Music. David liked the repetitive, deep sounds and rhythm. He began to be influenced by House Music, Deep House, and Garage. David was a clubber since childhood and attended many Italian nightclubs, but soon also started to visit American, British and northern European clubs. In northern Europe he discovered a new genre at the time: techno, tech-house, progressive-rock and punk.

Since the early 90’s David Liam played regularly in clubs, at festivals and events. Towards the end of the 1990’s he had his first residency for six years at a well-known nightclub, called Crazy Bull, in Perugia, Italy.

He has spun at clubs throughout Italy and other parts of Europe, like Kickapoo, Tommy Bar, Caffè Morlacchi, Flamingo Beach (Riccione, Italy), Studio 54 (Riccione, Italy), Over, ION Club, Samarcanda Bar, La Vispa Teresa, La Playa, Marabù, Panasia, Echoes Club, Sualzo Beach, Clover, Pascià (Riccione), Parco Lacugnano, Domus Delirii, Fura, Absolute (Garda), Gherlinda, Caffè del Porto, Casanova (Italy), La Torretta, Imaquis (France) & Hotel Les Imaquis (France), Shiva (Liverpool, UK).

David Liam was also the DJ for major fashion events in Italy, like Bray Steve Alan, Armani store, John Galliano and Italian fashion week Pitti Immagine Uomo. He also played for special events, like Studio 54 (amusement park), STEREO (listening room), Luxury Carnival, Golf Club Perugia and Who’s da DJ (TV Show), just to name a few.

David’s festival bookings include, Notte Bianca Passignano (Trasimeno Lake, Italy), 1°Maggio Parco Santa Giuliana (Italy), 2 Giugno Parco Santa Giuliana (Italy), Underground Access (Italy), Nocturne Des Enfants (France), Boat Party (Trasimeno Lake) Boat Party (Rimini, Italy), Essenza (Perugia, Italy), Play Underground (Italy), Time Warp (The Netherlands), Musèe De Grenoble (France) and many more.

Radio (FM/Web) appearances are also very common for David. His played for Radio Suby (Italy), Groove Radio (Italy), Reaction Radio (UK), Defected Radio (UK), Handz on Radio (USA) and Globalmixx Radio (USA) to list a few.

As a DJ in the club world, David Liam was spinning with Kenny Carpenter, Sauro Cosimetti, Aga-DJ, Mirko Ferranti, Maurizio Belladonna, Danny “Buddha” Morales, Victor Simonelli, Benji Candelario, Gianny Platero, Joe Berinato, Moises Montoya, Marco Benda, OBO-Man, Alessio Modrian, Enzo Sortino, LevelThree, Cristiano Angeleri, Dan-E-Mc, Italodisko, Gez Varley, Toni Morris, Andrea Romani, Vincenzo Viceversa, Tommy All, Andrea Maffei and more.

From the mid- 90’s on, David developed a very strong passion for music that led him to travel extensively abroad, to experience new forms of music. While travelling and collaborating on music projects, David Liam built strong relationships with well known artists like Victor Simonelli, Kenny Carpenter, Benji Candelario, Joe Berinato, Gianny Platero and also with record labels, like King Street Sounds, Nite Groove, Street King, 8 Ball Records, Vjs Solutions, and many more.

A few years ago David Liam opened his own record label, called “Greta Records®”
He has signed many known and up & coming artists like Maurizio Belladonna (Italy), Aga-DJ (Italy), Danny “Buddha” Morales (USA), Gianny Platero (USA), LevelThree (Spain), SIVE MSOLO (South Africa), Ryoteque SoluJamz (South Africa), David Capponi (Italy), Ricky Marilli (Brazil), Miss-P (Italy), Kala Production (Italy), UnderTrack (Italy), OBO (Italy), M2B (Italy) and many more.

David also opened an online music store, called “Internet Of Music®”- Music is the Answer, WWW.DOWNLOAD.INTERNETOFMUSIC.COM, which sells digital music of all genres.

David’s goal is to sell any kind of music from any labels all over the world. Today the website is in four languages; Italian, English, Spanish and French, and the site is continuously growing. David is always looking for new artists to help them distribute their music. If you are interested you can email him directly on the contact page.

Due to David’s passion for House Music, he is also the founder of the online

“House Music Forum®”, WWW.HOUSEMUSICFORUM.COM, the first Forum for House Music online.

Not to forget to mention that David Liam started his first company in 1995 in Italy: WWW.DARWIN.IT

In 1995 Darwin®, owned by David Liam, was one of the first companies introducing web design, web hosting, server housing, worldwide domain registration and web design in Italy; other services include graphic design, photography and everything else that has to do with the internet. Today this company is in full effect and successful since the 90’s.

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